Well, what started as an idea in 2007 while walking the boardwalk in Atlantic City has become a journey of a thousand steps, a few stumbles, and years of fun. "Why don't you just open your own shop?" Hmm, wonder who said that.....?

Then came the 'what do we call it?' phase. The name was picked from a list of about 8 ideas, while chillin' in a one-bedroom apartment in Philadelphia.

2009 found the owner back in Ohio and managing yet another retail store, where we had the ability to mess around with some graphic design and there the logo was tweaked. Then, 2010 happened. And the first location while open for almost a month already, officially opened that June. January 2015 saw us move to a new location in the Canton Arts District. April 2018 saw us reopen an existing shop/park in Cuyahoga Falls. Here's to growing the skate community!!

We will continue to grow, continue to offer new product, and always listen to the input of our crew and their friends. We are all in this together, and this is a COLLECTIVE.